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Rozlyne Clarke (real name : Roslyn Howell aka The Dag) was born in Sydney, Australia. Her father was an engineer, she has one brother who is 3 years older than her. She took dance and singing lessons during her teens.

At the age of 18 she auditioned for a part in the musical comedy "Sugar Babies" and was selected. The musical was a huge success in Australia, so after that Rozlyne managed to get a part in the rock musical "Starlight Express" which allowed her to travel all around the world, the musical being a success in Japan and in Germany among others.

In 1990, she was playing the role of Bombalurina in the musical comedy "Cats" in Paris while a friend of her was auditioning for French producer Nicolas Skorsky. Unfortunately, she was refused but she presented Rozlyne. She recorded the song in only one day, then left for London because she already had a contract to perform in the musical "Grease" (where she played the part of Rizzo)

Her first single Eddy Steady Go was one of the year 1991's hugest hits in France (#1 in the clubs). A video was made, it exists in 2 slightly different versions. The song was also released in the Benelux, but also in Japan and in the United States (as promo only) under the label Atlantic Records.

Then followed the singles Gorgeous (with another videoclip) and Dancin' Is Like Makin' Love. A promo 12inch of Gorgeous was released in the United States, including a couple of new remixes.

Her first album, also entitled Gorgeous, was produced in France by Nicolas Skorsky (aka Howard Headburn) and Eddy "Walter" Beatboxking. It was recorded in Paris, at the Guillaume Tell studios, by Philip Cusset. It was licensed in Belgium, including a 9th additional track, the song Never Started Loving You(which was actually the B-side in the French version of the single Dancing Is Like Making Love)

On stage, Rozlyne showed that she was a real talented dancer.

A fourth single from the Gorgeous album was released in France in 1992. The Wizard Of Roz was one of Rozlyne's favorite tracks, as it was dedicated to her dad and she had co-written it. However, the song was not well distributed, being only available in a few music stores and for a very limted time, and unfortunately it was a total flop, and therefore a rarity.

Her first singles were remixed in 1994 by the Belgian DJ team Unity Power. Eddy Steady Go '93 was once again #1 in the French club charts. This was a new start for Rozlyne's carreer, who got signed under ARS Belgium, changed her hair to blond and started recording new tracks. Givin' Up Givin' In (a cover of a song of The Three Degrees), and Take My Hand (L. Corte, G. Marshall, J. Williams) were excellent eurodance tracks.

Knocking Me Out and I Wanna See You were produced by Koen Tillie and Marius Acke for ARS Productions. Remixes on I Wanna See You were done by Johnny Williams and Louis Element.

Rozlyne's second album Faithful To You was produced in Belgium. It did not sold enough copies and has become a real rarity.

In 1996, she recorded a duet with Tony Jones for the project Let-Motiv The single was entitled Ecoute Bien Ces Mots. It included a B-side in English, Got To Find The Light. Distributed in France under Polygram, it was produced by Joachim G. and Jean-Baptiste Soudray for Square Prod.

The same year, Rozlyne returned to France and released I Need You under Joker Music. It reached #20 in the French club play charts.

In 1997, she did a duet with Stevie H (who had already appeared on her single I Need You), entitled I'm On Fire / Quel tempérament de feu

According to rumors, Rozlyne nowadays works as a professional markup artist under the name Rozlyne Vidal.

Nicolas Skorsky (aka Howard Headburn)

He was born in 1953 in Paris. At the age of 19, he released a few solo singles, such as Comme Je T'aime. As songwriter, he stands behind hits such as Claude François' Chanson Populaire. He also wrote for Marc Scalia, Rémy Bricka, Ringo, Santa Esmeralda and more recently Sully Sefil.


Unity Power

Also known as the Unity Mixers, Luc Rigaux and Patrick Samoy remixed Rozlyne Clarke's hits, such as Eddy Steady Go. The singles were released under ARS Productions Belgium.

They created the eurodance projects Apotheosis and Paradisio (Bailando sold more than 1 million copies) and the acts Rozway, 4 X Sky Juice, Display, The Eliminator, Ex-Plain, Goal, Hyper Space, Isy Brown, Linnsky, Mastermixers Unity, MC Jack & Sister J, Pump Up To Rhythm, Rozway, Up Side.

They were behind the French Dance Computer compilations series, and they also remixed (and sometimes also produced) many artists such as Technotronic, P. Lion, Confetti's, Gibson Brothers, Break Machine, Corona, Latino Party, Santa Esmeralda, Natural Born Deejays, Benny B, Twenty 4 Seven...

The charts

France (singles charts)

Eddy Steady Go #8
Gorgeous #19
Dancing Is Like Making Love #17
Eddy Steady Go '93 #6
Dancin' Is Like Makin Love '93 #13

France (club charts)

Eddy Steady Go #1
Gorgeous #8
Dancin' Is Like Making Love #2
The Wizard Of Roz #26
Eddy Steady Go '93 #4
Dancin' Is Like Makin Love 93 #8
Take My Hand (Summer 1995) #17
Knockin' Me Out (Autumn 1995) #20
I Need You (Beginning of 1997) #20
Ecoute Bien Ces Mots #4
Quel Tempérament De Feu #17



Discography Shopping


Gorgeous (1990)

1. Gorgeous (Skorski-Beatboxking/Skorski) listen to a sample
2. Still Waiting For Your Call (Skorski-Beatboxking/Skorski) listen to a sample
3. Dancin' is Like Makin' Love (Skorski-Beatboxking/Skorski) listen to a sample
4. Stepping Out Of Line (Skorski/Jones) listen to a sample
5. Eddy Steady Go (Skorski) listen to a sample
6. Single Again (Beatboxking-Headburn) listen to a sample
7. Certain Nights (Skorski) listen to a sample
8. The Wizard Of Roz (Skorski-Beatboxking/Clarke-Skorski) listen to a sample

Faithful To You (5th July 1996)

1. Knocking Me Out lyrics
2. Word Of A Lie lyrics
3. I Wanna See You listen to a sample lyrics
4. Givin' Up Givin' In listen to a sample lyrics
5. Finally Respectable lyrics
6. Run To Me lyrics
7. Take My Hand lyrics
8. Hold On Tight lyrics
9. Doin It lyrics
10. Faithful To You lyrics


Eddy Steady Go (January 1991)

1. Eddy Steady Go (Hit Version)
2. Eddy Steady Go (Obsession Mix)
3. Eddy Steady Go (Rave Mix)
4. Eddy Steady Go (New Age Mix)

Gorgeous (March 1991)

1. Gorgeous (Club Mix)
2. Gorgeous (Smooth Club Mix)
3. Gorgeous (Hard Club Mix)
4. Gorgeous (Radio Version)
5. Gorgeous (New Age Dub)
6. Gorgeous (Hard Club Dub)

Dancin' Is Like Making Love (February 1992)

1. Dancin' Is Like Making Love (12' Remix) listen to a sample
2. Dancin' Is Like Making Love (Instrumental)
3. Dancin' Is Like Making Love (Dub 1)
4. Dancin' Is Like Making Love (Dub 2)

Eddy Steady Go '93 (1993)

1. Eddy Steady Go '93 (Unity radio edit) listen to a sample
2. Eddy Steady Go '93 (Unity power remix) listen to a sample
3. Eddy Steady Go '93 (House vocal attack) listen to a sample
4. Eddy Steady Go '93 (Trance vocal remix) listen to a sample

The Wizard Of Roz (September 1993)

Dancin Is Like Makin' Love '93 (1994)

1. Dancin Is Like Makin' Love '93 (Single edit mix)
1. Dancin Is Like Makin' Love '93 (Hi-NRG disco remix)
1. Dancin Is Like Makin' Love '93 (Deejay mix)
1. Dancin Is Like Makin' Love '93 (Extended club mix)

Givin' Up Givin' In (January 1995)

1. Givin' Up Givin' In (Radio mix)
2. Givin' Up Givin' In (Club mix)
3. Givin' Up Givin' In (Euro mix)
4. Givin' Up Givin' In (Italo mix)

Take My Hand (June 1995)

1. Take My Hand (Radio mix) listen to a sample
2. Take My Hand (Deep mix) listen to a sample
3. Take My Hand (Club mix)
4. Take My Hand (Banzai mix) listen to a sample

Knockin' Me Out (September 1995)

1. Knockin' Me Out (Ambient Mix)
2. Knockin' Me Out (Soft Mellow Mix)
3. Knockin' Me Out (Mainstream Mix)
4. Knockin' Me Out (Smash Mix)
5. Knockin' Me Out (Club Remix Extended)
6. Knockin' Me Out (Hardcore Mix)

I Wanna See You (12th March 1996)

1. I Wanna See You (Radio edit)
2. I Wanna See You (Club mix)
3. I Wanna See You (Suburban mix)
4. I Wanna See You (City radio mix)

I Need You (February 1997)

1. I Need You (Happy mix)
2. I Need You (Pier O'Neil - Stevie H)
3. I Need You (Flute mix) listen to a sample
4. I Need You (Inedit)

Ecoute bien ces mots (featured by Let-motiv) (1996)

I'm On Fire / Quel Tempérement De Feu (feat. Stevi H) (April 1997)

1. I'm On Fire
2. Quel Tempérement De Feu
3. Fire Alarm



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